Watch the first promo for the second season of “Glee”

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Ah, Glee. It feels like just yesterday I was singing along to your somewhat over-produced tones alone in my apartment. (Turns out, that was yesterday. Thank you, Hulu.) But you've been gone from our lives for a whole summer. Thankfully, though, we now have a glimpse of what your second season will bring: Jay-Z covers! Early '90s-looking "hip-hop" costumes! Terri Schuester looking insane, but also hot! And Sue, of course, being Sue. (Sample dialogue: "SHUT UP!")

Can you guys tell I'm excited about this?

Here is a question that I have, however: clearly the goal this season is Nationals in New York. Does this mean we'll have to watch them go through Sectionals and then Regionals again? With, like, the same teams? I don't know how the show choir system works, and I really don't know how a fake show choir system on TV works, but that seems like it could be boring.

Ha, who am I kidding? Just keep letting Amber Riley and Lea Michele belt them out, and I'll be on board.

Via Vulture.