Watch the full first episode of Showtime’s House of Lies

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Veronica Mars and Jean-Ralphio from Parks & Recreation are both in this show. That's probably all I have to say to get people to give the first episode of Showtime's House of Lies at least five minutes of their time, right? But if you need more than that: the show stars Don Cheadle as the head of a management consulting firm, which seems to be about as terrible as it sounds, and features the aforementioned Kristen Bell and Ben Schwartz as his underlings. There's also a good deal of cursing, nudity — though obviously you won't be seeing that last one here on YouTube — and kind of awkward fourth-wall breaking!

It has some kinks to work out, for sure — honestly, it wouldn't be a Showtime show if it didn't — but anything that keeps Bell employed gets my stamp of approval. (Yes, even When In Rome.)