Watch: The Glee kids cover Bowie’s “Fashion” for Fashion’s Night Out

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Let me beat you to it: "This version sucks! They are disgracing David Bowie's name!" We all know that; let's not dwell.¹  And if you are actually a fan of the show, let me beat you to another complaint: "Where are Mercedes and Santana?!" Sadly, the actors were apparently ill on the day of the shoot. Their fierceness is missed. But try to move past your issues with Glee, tepid covers of great songs, and rampant consumerism — Darren Criss is looking fiiiiiiiiiiine:

Do you think it was strange for Chord Overstreet to participate in this project, given the fact that he's been fired from the show? It's got to smart, knowing that some American Idol wannabes have been deemed more deserving of a spot on one of the most popular network shows than you are. But maybe he got to keep the suit; that would be some small comfort.

¹You know what also disgraces his name? This.