Watch: The Muppets Crash WWE’S ‘Raw’

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Over their sixty-some-odd years of existence, the Muppets have gone a lot of places. They've appeared on every late night show's couch — or at least those worth mentioning (sorry, George Lopez), their Youtube cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody" received over ten million views in two weeks and they've spawned their fair share of imitations and parodies (even sexy ones). After seeing Kermit the Frog reenact the famous shave scene from The Royal Tennenabaums, I thought I'd seen it all. Then, earlier this week, the Muppets appeared on WWE's Monday Night Raw. Oh, the places Muppets shouldn't go. 

To support their first theatrical release in more than a decade, Kermit and the gang appeared on this week's Raw exchanging barbs and quips with WWE stars like Vickie Guerrero. Things quickly took a turn for the worst: Kermit made a snide remark about Guerrero's age, Gonzo's arms were stretched out of their sockets, Miss Piggy was told she was going to be made into a ham sandwich. It was like Muppet Treasure Island all over again, except instead of Tim Curry and music, this face-off featured body oil and banana hammocks (same level of homoeroticism though).

Eventually, the Muppets chose to settle their differences in the ring, supporting Santino Marella in his clash with the dastardly Jack Swagger. While that last sentence might've sound like a scene from a fever dream, my beloved felt friends put up a respectable fight, proving that while it might not be easy being green, it's definitely a bit harder to open a can of whoop-ass on a Muppet.