Watch: “The Office” cast’s horror movie webisodes, “The 3rd Floor”

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Mindy Kaling is back to directing a series of hilarious webisodes for The Office after last year's (amazing) "Subtle Sexuality," with the very Halloween-appropriate "The 3rd Floor," which chronicles Ryan, Kelly, and Erin's attempt to make a horror movie that's mostly a rip-off of Drag Me to Hell with a bit of Friday the 13th thrown in. Do I even have to tell you that they're hilarious?

Could they maybe do a spin-off of this show focused on only these characters? Come on, NBC! They're consistently the most hilarious things about The Office recently, and you even gave the crap that is Outsourced a shot. And kudos to Ellie Kemper, especially, for really selling that whole "revivified corpse stitched together from many serial killers" thing.