Watch the Ron Moore pilot that reunited the cast of Battlestar Galactica

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It will surprise me if this stays on the internet for even twenty-four hours, so check this out while you can. (You probably wouldn't be concentrating on work too hard the Friday before New Year's Eve, right?) 17th Precinct was meant to be a kind of "adult Harry Potter" in Moore's words, and would follow the exploits of a police precinct in a world where magic was real. (Sort of like Grimm, but with better writing.) Moore is certainly comfortable with genre shows, but what's even more exciting is that he would be taking Battlestar Galactica alums Jamie Bamber (Apollo), Tricia Helfer (Six), and James Callis (Dr. Baltar) along for the ride.

Sadly, NBC didn't pick up the show, leaving one completed pilot we would never see. Until, conveniently, someone leaked it onto the internet:

Update: Sorry, everyone. The video's down. Let me assure you, it was fun while it lasted.

Dan Harmon, creator of Community, once said in an interview that he wished networks would air all pilots, or at least put them on the web officially — that there was so much work put into them, why not show them to viewers? (Maybe one that was passed over will catch on, after all.) In cases like this it's hard to disagree. Tell us: which show from the fall of 2011 would you trade for 17th Precinct?