Watch: The “Sesame Street” parody of “Glee” is surprisingly great

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Well, it looks like someone over at the Sesame Street production office is a fan of Glee — this parody, in service of the letter G, is pretty spot on. Rachel is still terrible! And so is Mr. Schuester! And Mercedes still comes through at the top with some awesome diva melismas. (Though there's no Blaine, and that is just not acceptable.) Fun fact: this bit is far more coherent than the recent third-season premiere of the actual show, which was pretty much a giant mess of glitter and confusion! Maybe the people from Sesame Street should just take over for Ryan Murphy?

Quick poll: how many of you could stop thinking “gay, gay, gay, gay…” when the Kurt analog was listing off words that started with G? Everyone was thinking that, right? I couldn't have been the only one.

Quick poll number two: will kids get this? Because Glee, despite what some people think, is seriously not a show for children. (Scissoring jokes!) Is this just meant for the same old folks who would understand the True Blood bit from a few months ago?