Watch: The sex life of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange explained by Glenn Beck and a chalkboard diagram

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Glenn Beck has many sides — the blowhard, the weeper, the DC rally organizer — but perhaps none is more terrifying and strange than Glenn Beck the crazy tenth-grade teacher. You know what I'm talking about: he dons his glasses, grabs his pointer and his crude, childish drawings, and proceeds to explain the entire world with a series of arrows and circles. It's like being back in high school, but worse.

Last night, Mr. Beck returned to explain to America the sex life of Julian Assange, who was arrested today on sexual assault charges not connected to Wikileaks. Beck calls him "a dirtbag" and "a player" indiscriminately, and yet, also gives what is probably the clearest (okay, only) explanation I've seen of what he's actually being arrested for. Which means it's probably worth watching, if you can get past your distaste for Glenn himself.