Watch: The trailer for HBO’s “Cinema Verite,” about America’s first reality TV show

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An American Family was a PBS documentary aired in 1971 that followed an ordinary family, the Louds, for twelve episodes as they went about their lives. It was one of the first, if not the first, reality TV shows in the US. (That term wouldn't have meant anything to anyone back then.) During the course of filming, the parents separated, son Lance came out as gay, and they probably listened to a lot of great music. All of which make the story perfect for an HBO film adaptation.

Here's the very first trailer, featuring James Gandolfini as the show's producer, Diane Lane as mother Pat Loud, and Tim Robbins as father Bill:

From this to Bridalplasty, everyone. From this to Bridalplasty. Cinema Verite will debut on HBO in April.