Watch the trailer for HBO’s new comedy Veep, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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If you've seen Armando Ianucci's riotous In The Loop or The Thick of It, you know that he's an ace when it comes to political comedy — if you haven't, think Aaron Sorkin with a dirtier mouth and slightly less grandeur. (I would venture that you could also call his approach "more realistic." They can't all be Jed Bartlet.) In fact, before we go any further you should really watch the trailer for In The Loop. I can wait:

Now that you know what he's like, you can be properly excited for his upcoming HBO comedy Veep, which stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer, the first female Vice President of the United States. (It also has alumni of Arrested Development, the Upright Citizens Brigade, and My Girl. My Girl! Talkin' 'bout… okay, I'll stop.) The show, which premieres in April, has been in in production since 2009, but we can finally stop waiting; the first trailer was released yesterday. Of course, some of the curses are bleeped, so you'll have to tune in to the actual show to get the full effect:

Not gonna lie: it will take me a little while to get over my less-than-stellar recollections of The New Adventures of Old Christine. But I'll get there, if only to hear such inspired obscenities as "Nazi Julie Andrews."