Watch: The trailer for Showtime’s “The Borgias”

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We really are living in the golden age of the televised period piece, aren't we? If you're looking for the elaborate finery of HBO's Game of Thrones but without any of the fantasy bits, you're in luck! Showtime's new series, The Borgias, which focuses on the notorious Roman dynastic family (whose hobbies included being Pope, sexual indiscretion, and poison), will fulfill all your costume drama needs:

The series was created by Neil Jordan, director of The Crying Game and Breakfast On Pluto; hopefully the series lives up to his reputation. I could do without the emo wailing at the end there, but otherwise: I'm pretty much on board. (I could also do with more nudity, but knowing Showtime, that will come in due time.) Bring on the suspicious deaths and courtly intrigue!