Watch: The trailer for the Tea Party’s new TV show, “Courage, New Hampshire”

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Finally fed up with the output of the godless, socialist homosexuals that run Hollywood, members of the Tea Party have decided to finance and produce their own TV show — of a sort. Because they have no distributor, the first hour-long segment will simply be released to DVD, but the people behind the project are treating Courage, New Hampshire as a television series. Set in the titular town in 1770, the show will follow some decent, ethical, and surprisingly clean colonials as they help America become the exceptional nation it was destined to be, city on a hill, etc.

So, how does it look?

Honestly, it just seems like a independently produced TV show made by people who know something but not all that much about making a TV show. (Because it is.) And from this promo and the words of producer James Patrick Riley, I can already tell the project will present a very… rosy picture of America in 1770. But overall, a surprisingly low amount of histrionics for a group known for just that.