Finally fed up with the output of the godless, socialist homosexuals that run Hollywood, members of the Tea Party have decided to finance and produce their own TV show — of a sort. Because they have no distributor, the first hour-long segment will simply be released to DVD, but the people behind the project are treating Courage, New Hampshire as a television series. Set in the titular town in 1770, the show will follow some decent, ethical, and surprisingly clean colonials as they help America become the exceptional nation it was destined to be, city on a hill, etc.

So, how does it look?

Honestly, it just seems like a independently produced TV show made by people who know something but not all that much about making a TV show. (Because it is.) And from this promo and the words of producer James Patrick Riley, I can already tell the project will present a very... rosy picture of America in 1770. But overall, a surprisingly low amount of histrionics for a group known for just that.

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Jun 24 11 - 1:36pm

This is hilarious. I bet the Teabaggers would love to live again in a time where black people were slaves again.

Jun 24 11 - 8:15pm

You've outed us. Damn it. We also want to live in a time that you're a total fucking moron. At least we got our second wish!

Jun 24 11 - 8:35pm

I love it when people use their own insecurities to insult me. Bring it! What else do you hate about yourself? Maybe you could throw in some unsubstantiated, semi-coherent, right wing echo chamber talking points or a mirrored insult hinting at closeted homosexuality?

Jun 24 11 - 8:51pm

I hate about myself that I have to live in a country with morons like you. Why would I suggest you're homosexual? I think the insecurities that you detect are your own.

The insecurities you demonstrate is that you have to criticize people with whom you disagree by suggesting they'd like to return to the days of slavery. Totally, fucking moronic.

Jun 24 11 - 8:56pm

Huh. I guess all those super racist 'bone through the nose' Teabagger signs were just joking then. My bad. All that xenophobic birther stuff? Hey, you can never be too safe! (except with the white presidents) It takes a huge moron like me to try and draw a connection between that stuff! Now that we know you hate me, can I call you anti-American and unpatriotic?

Jun 24 11 - 9:15pm

Those signs don't exist, jr, but good job keeping up the thread of moronism but I do like the over-the-top attempt at villifying people with whom you disagree.

You can call me anything you like. I'll hear it like the buzz of a gnat.


Jun 24 11 - 10:18pm

oh, you guys

Jun 25 11 - 12:38am

Ah, just deny that which exists! Nice! The only problem is that the image in question has been all over news broadcasts and printed in news for well over a year. Hey, guess what!? The sky isn't blue! You lose. "Out." Let us all know when you'd like to admit that you're a racist rooting for the racist party. I'm sure this was your favorite sign:

Jun 25 11 - 12:45am

Btw, "@jr": You should be vilified. One, for not knowing how to spell vilified. Two, for being this:

Jun 25 11 - 2:56am

"@jr" is the true moron.

Jun 25 11 - 8:45am

Take it easy on jr. He's just a misinformed moron.

Jun 25 11 - 2:00pm

I can't tell who is who anymore, but I do know that anyone who claims the teaparty isn't racist is clearly a moron.

Jun 24 11 - 2:43pm

well, that's something

Jun 24 11 - 5:45pm

This looks just as terrible as Atlas Shrugged.

Jun 24 11 - 8:37pm

This looks worse, actually. Especially those green screen indoor shots with the lighting completely mismatched with the lighting outside.

Jun 25 11 - 1:07pm

I would say it looks better, if only because Atlas Shrugged managed to be that shitty with an actual Hollywood production team behind it.

Jun 25 11 - 4:05pm

Good point!

Jun 24 11 - 7:04pm

Awesome! It's about time we acted proud of American history instead of ashamed.

Jun 24 11 - 8:38pm

Yeah, nothing like celebrating so many great years of genocide and racism!

Jun 24 11 - 8:52pm

They failed to get you. Epic fail.

Jun 24 11 - 10:19pm

I'm proud of some moments in American history and horribly embarrassed by others. You could say the same about most countries.

Jun 25 11 - 12:53am

I'm proud of some too, let down by most. Not ashamed, but disappointed: Huge difference.

Jun 25 11 - 8:29pm

Politics aside... is it just me, or was that trailer pretty much completely incomprehensible?

"The justice of man is rock... is corruption... sickness... I've seen it turn too many times...."

"A dozen blaggards took our prisoners... out on the king's highway..."

Umm.... okay?

"I've been paid to gut and clean the king's fish!"

Aug 31 11 - 1:53pm

I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it undertsandbale.