After she delivered a so-so supposed "comeback" performance last week, America gave SNL host Lindsay Lohan a pat on the back for not stroking out on live TV and/or making a frantic phone call to her dealer, Disco Steve, in the middle of the show. This week, we were treated to a similarly "meh" performance by Moneyball star Jonah Hill (or, as my boyfriend calls him, "proof positive that the Academy of Arts and Sciences doesn't actually watch the nominees' performances").

With the exception of the return of Hill's six-year-old Catskills comedian character, and an opening monologue featuring Tom Hanks mocking Hill's recent Oscar loss (seriously, is Hanks bathing in virgins' blood or something? Because the man hasn't aged a day since Cast Away), this week's SNL was about as consistently funny as gallbladder surgery. We were, however, blessed with the magnificent return of SNL's best recurring character, the club-hopping/pill-popping/deliciously decadent Stefon, who visited Seth Meyers' Weekend Update desk to offer tips on New York City's best springtime offerings. It was, predictably, delightful. 

(And a brief word to those of you naysayers who will inevitably bitch about how this is something like Stefon's 91st appearance this season, and that it's not nearly as charming as Bill Hader thinks it is when he breaks character, let me just say that I don't wanna hear your belly-aching. When it comes to Stefon, I am like a sixteen-year old kid who refuses to stop believing in Santa Claus. That is all). 

Commentarium (3 Comments)

Mar 12 12 - 3:31pm

And when I was watching this week's SNL on my DVR, as soon as Stefon came onscreen I hit the fast forward. He is the WORST character and the same stupid unfunny shtick each time!
Of course, I then fast forwarded through the rest of the episode as well. Jonah Hill was lame lame lame...

Mar 14 12 - 12:54am

I live for Stefon.

Mar 14 12 - 2:39pm

Love Stefon! And it's ADORABLE when he breaks character!