Watch this compilation of POV shots from Breaking Bad

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Because of the long between-season hiatuses (hiatii?) that accompany a show like AMC's Breaking Bad, obsessive fans are forced to get their fix during the empty months by dwelling over previous episodes and seasons, watching them with an intensity that's generally reserved for sequestered, vow-of-silence-taking monks combing through passages from the Bible. And when you watch the episodes and seasons enough times, certain patterns start to emerge: Hank's increasingly-grating laugh, the comedic stylings of Bob Odenkirk, or the contents of the following fan-made compilation video.

If you've seen the series, it's hard not to notice how every now and then there's a seemingly-odd camera angle looking at Walter, Jesse, or whatever other badass is in the scene. Generally the shots are from the point-of-view of inanimate objects: a refrigerator, an outdoor grill, a washing machine, or the bottom of the pool. Are these insert shots commentaries by the show's creators on our culture's consumerism, making us question what Walter's really doing all this for? Or are they just in the show because they look so fucking cool? 

You decide: