Watch: Tim Gunn on the controversial “Project Runway” finale

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If you watched Project Runway this season, you know that there were two clear front-runners: Mondo, the loveable dandy with an eye for crazy colors and patterns, and Gretchen, the hippie-influenced mean girl who seriously did not understand how awful she was. Spoiler alert: the wrong person won. (And I don't just mean that because Gretchen is super annoying. I really thought her collection was good but boring.)

And if you watched the finale, you know that Heidi Klum was clearly pulling for Mondo while Michael Kors and Nina Garcia were all about Gretchen. According to a very candid talk Tim Gunn gave at a recent Kate Spade event, Klum even tried to get the much beloved mentor to sway the other judges. Also, he calls them crackheads:

Man, even though Project Runway now greatly varies in quality from episode to episode and season to season, Gunn is just never anything but the best.