TLC moves from odd to downright absurd with new TV show “My Strange Addiction”

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Woman addicted to eating toilet paper in TLC's "My Strange Addiction."

TLC (formerly The Learning Channel) hasn't tried to make truly educational programming in quite some time; this is hardly a revelation. But now their show choices have moved from the bizarre and sensational to the downright absurd. I acknowledge the fact that I am taking TLC's publicity bait by discussing their almost insultingly stupid new show, My Strange Addiction, premiering December, 29th. People like weird shit like Hoarders, and people also like intense, sad shit like Intervention, so TLC thought they could combine these two low-points in human interest into one show that you should actually be ashamed of yourself for watching.

I know the whole Tiger Woods scandal introduced the world to the art of abusing the word "addict" as a means of excusing unwanted behaviors, but this show is next level. Among the highlights are a woman who is addicted to eating toilet paper, a woman who is addicted to eating laundry detergent, and, finally, a woman who is addicted to her fucking blow dryer. And not in some cool, sexual way; she basically needs it on to fall asleep at night. Not an addiction. In no way, in no world, is liking your blow dryer an addiction, okay?

However, I'm sure, like me, you would like to take a moment to gawk at the mental illness that has been put on display before you. Here's a woman whining about her emotional connection to a hair dryer.