Watch: Trailer for racy teen drama “Skins”

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Another day, another trailer for a US remake of a British show. If you don't know, Skins is a British show that follows a group of teenagers through high-school antics that are a bit on the wild side. (Imagine if Degrassi was mixed with a strong shot of nihilism.) Like lots of teen-focused shows on this side of the Atlantic, the characters deal with everything from eating disorders to drugs to sex. But the British show always felt more real and less glamorized than whatever's happening on the new 90210 right now.

So, want to get a look at the MTV version? Well, I would love to show it you, but has an exclusive video, so you'll have to click on through. What I can give you, though, is the trailer for the original, if you want to check that out. But first, a few thoughts on the remake:

The Good: The kids actually look like high-school kids, the show doesn't seem to be shying away from the more extreme bits, and… I like the music?

The Bad: They took out the gay guy (shocker), the actors all look a bit too scrubbed up and shapely, the loss of the British accents somehow makes the whole enterprise feel skeevier.

I'm nervous — the original was so good, but I guess that's why they adapted it — but I'll withhold a final judgment until the show actually airs.

skins season 1 trailer full from emily ritchie on Vimeo.