Watch: Two gay-ish Super Bowl ads from Doritos

If there's one thing that large, general audiences can agree on, it's the subject of homosexuality. 

Just kidding! Duh. But what if the subject of homosexuality is also the subject of Super Bowl ads run by Doritos? That's what the following two videos venture to ask. Both are skimpy on dialogue (typical for ads seeking international appeal) and heavy on supposedly humorous instances of gay-like situations.

So what do you think of this new "when gay things happen to straight people" strategy that Doritos seems so fond of? Also, will any real commercial ever be half as good as the following fake commercial? 

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Commentarium (4 Comments)

Jan 25 11 - 10:51am

Perhaps pumping up those gay boys with steroids to make them look more like football players would pique my curiosity.

Jan 25 11 - 8:09pm

I thought those were actually kinda cute xD