Watch: Two “Parks & Recreation” reminder videos with Aziz Ansari and Rob Lowe

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Probably not the kind NBC would love, given the rampant cursing and casual child endangerment. Two videos are out this week, one from College Humor and the other from Funny or Die, featuring cast members of Parks & Recreation, which returns tomorrow night after a months-long hiatus. In the first, Aziz Ansari adopts a young redheaded boy and teaches him how to do important kid things like drink Jameson:

In the second, slightly more show-related video, Rob Lowe discovers his face has been off of our TV screens for months and promptly throws hot coffee in Aziz Ansari's face. This is the one with all the cursing, by the way, so you might want to listen to it with headphones:

Having both come out at the same time makes me feel like I should choose a winner, so… I'll go with video number two, because I'm easy and like seeing people get hit in the face. Isn't it amazing that between these things and the show's behind-the-scenes collaborations with Vulture, Parks & Rec has made me laugh more while off the air than Outsourced has all season?