Watch: Vintage news footage of Keith Olbermann from 1988

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I realize Keith Olbermann will only be a hot topic for, oh, nine more minutes, but this video is unbelievable. Like a phoenix with a shitty mustache, Keith Olbermann's past rises, revealing his darker days as a correspondent for KCBS-TV in Los Angeles. Does he look anything like himself? No, he looks nothing like himself. Even the shape of his head seems strange, wrong. But a few things have not changed. Even in the old days, Olbermann used his trademark rapier wit to take down the establishment. And by establishment, I mean whatever Canadians were wearing in 1988.

Olbermann skewered what those people who play sports wear. Their sweaters? What are they trying to hide? Twenty years later, Olbermann still asks the big questions.