Watch viral sensation “Alabama Face Guy” teach Jimmy Fallon his technique

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What began as a teen goof with his buddy, has now propelled University of Alabama freshman Jack Blankenship into full-blown, transient, internet stardom. For the uninitiated, Blankenship, aka "Alabama Face Guy," has captured the imagination of sports fans by holding up a large cutout of his contorted face at Alabama basketball home games with the intention of distracting opposing teams. 

Blankenship's Zelig-like appearance at Monday's Knicks game wearing a Jeremy Lin jersey only increased the buzz around the viral photobomber. As it turned out, the nineteen-year old was in town to provide amusement for the audiences of the Today show and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Holding up oversized cutouts of faces at basketball games is a relatively new phenomenon, started by a student fan group for the San Diego State Aztecs in 2002. But Blankenship has proven to be more than just another face in the crowd, exhibiting a single-minded, bug-eyed dedication to his craft.

So, on Tuesday's Late Night, Blankenship provided some insight into his process, giving Jimmy Fallon a brief tutorial on the five-step technique used to achieve his arresting mug. I can definitely see some reaction-shot work in this kid's future. Blankenship is currently single, and one can't help wondering: does he sleep with the face?