Watch Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy hilariously give a Chicago weather report

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Following in the tradition of news programs humorously allowing celebrities, such as Fabio and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, to deliver the weather report, Chicago's WGN Morning News welcomed Wilco's Jeff Tweedy into the studio this morning, giving him a shot at delivering the seven-day forecast, which Tweedy called "optimistic." Regular meteorologist Paul Konrad, who's bald, turned the report over to Tweedy, who jokingly said he was there as "supplemental hair." Tweedy's droll sense of humor suggests he would have made a great stand-up comedian.

Wilco, recently nominated for a Best Rock Album Grammy for The Whole Love, took a break from their current five-night Chicago residency to perform two songs at the station, "Dawned on Me," and "Whole Love." According to anchor Dean Richards, it was the first morning performance of their career.