Watch Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman drink Bloody Marys in robes on Today

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On this morning's Today show, Will Ferrell sat down for a tete-a-tete with Matt Lauer to promote his telenovela spoof, Casa de Mi Padre, which opens this Friday. Later, Ferrell returned to chat with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford in the show's fourth hour ("Is this the graveyard shift?"), joined by his co-star, Parks & Recreation's Nick Offerman (aka a clean-shaven Ron Swanson). 

Normally, Kotb and Gifford are the ones boozing it up (See: Kristen Wiig as Gifford on SNL), but this time the boys flipped the script, turning the set into their own personal spa, comfortably sipping on Bloody Marys while dressed in bathrobes. The two jokingly talked up the film, reducing the hosts to a couple of giggling schoolgirls, while fans waved distractingly in the background. Asked about his sex scene with Entourage's Genesis Rodriguez (described by Gifford as a "young Sofia Vergara"), Ferrell responded, "It's just a long series of shots of butts, over and over." Offerman chimed in, "[There's] tender groping, and there's kneading of buttocks."

The notion of Will Ferrell acting in a Spanish-language movie would seem odd, but then you remember it's Will Ferrell. He told Rolling Stone:

"I can't tell you where I first thought of Casa de Mi Padre and I can't tell you when, but a light bulb went off that said putting me in a Spanish-speaking movie with the cast being entirely Latino, and myself playing a kind of Latino actor, and the joke not being that I'm speaking poor Spanish, that it would be hilarious. I guess I did it specifically to raise the question 'Why did you do this?' It's one of the craziest things I've done."

I expect Ferrell's next project will either be a straightforward Robert Goulet biopic, or a fish-out-of-water, Japanese-language sumo film.