Watch Zach Galifianakis break through a desk on “Conan”

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On Tuesday's Conan, the wonderfully odd Zach Galifianakis (who lends his voice to Humpty Dumpty in this Friday's Puss in Boots), made both a unique entrance and exit on the show, as only he could. Bursting through Conan's balsa-wood desk like an angry Thor Heyerdahl (and the Eisenhower mug pencil holder didn't suffer a scratch!), Galifianakis proceeded to regale Conan and Andy with some hilarious personal anecdotes.

The "gym rat" "parasailing" fan has made numerous appearances on Conan sets over the years, and Conan and Andy memorably returned the favor in 2009, appearing on Galifianakis' anything-goes Funny or Die series, "Between Two Ferns," where one of Conan's patented suntan-lotion jokes was crushed by Galifiankis' cutting, unschmoozy Ferns persona.

The Hangover star talked about his first "joke," showed off his new bit, the "wrong-gesturing guy," and shared the weird details of his youthful, booze-fueled forays into the subway tunnels of New York, looking for some "hobosexual" action. He then gave Conan pointers on a more realistic approach to hosting talk shows, debuting the hypothetical "Small Talk" talk show. I like the way that dude's mind works.