Weeds season seven will pull a Lost and skip to the future

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Viewers of Weeds were shocked at the end of the sixth season when — spoiler alert — Nancy Botwin turned herself in to the FBI in order to save her family. Shocked for two reasons: one, that for more than a minute, Nancy didn't think entirely about herself, and two, because how would the show go on if the main character is in jail? And while it might have been interesting/terrifying for Weeds to go all Oz on us in season seven, don't worry: the series is just going to jump ahead three years, to the exact moment when Nancy gets out of jail:

Aw, remember when this was a quirky little show about a suburban mom dealing pot? Those were good days. And while it seems like many have given up on the show — Mary-Louise Parker's doe eyes and half-smile can only buy so much goodwill — this could be fertile new territory to explore. Has Nancy learned some humility? Will she go back to dealing drugs? And, most importantly, what awful thing is happening on the sides of Shane's face?