Wonder Woman likes slumber parties, acting like Carrie Bradshaw in upcoming NBC reboot

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David E. Kelly's long-gestating Wonder Woman — which was even officially declared dead before NBC decided to give it a shot — has never seemed like anything near a sure hit, and now that some people have gotten their hands on the pilot script, it… still doesn't! Wonder Woman's often been a tough character to get right, even though she's probably the best known female superhero around. Cursed with a backstory that can veer into the silly — she comes from the land of the Amazons to save us from the Nazis — she'll come off as a bit hokey if you miss the mark.

Dear David E. Kelly: the mark is somewhere to the right of this pilot. Of course, there's both good and bad to be found in it. The pros:

  • She really likes planes, but none of them are invisible.
  • She has three personas — Wonder Woman, a high-powered businesswoman who everyone knows is Wonder Woman, and an actual secret alter ego — which could be an interesting twist.

And, the cons:

  • She spends much of the pilot pining over her ex.
  • She fights crime to "Single Ladies."
  • She likes to have ice-cream sleepovers with her BFF.
  • She only assumes the Wonder Woman identity twice in the pilot.
  • Someone at some point says "You go, girl."

Obviously, I haven't seen the script myself and pilots change a lot, so maybe this has all been revamped already. But still, come on, Kelly! Lord knows I don't mind some pining with my heroines; some of Buffy's best moments involved pining. But Buffy was supposed to be a sixteen-year-old girl, not a high-powered businesswoman by day and crime-fighting princess of a warrior race by night. If this is going to work, you're going to need some character shading beyond, "She's got super powers, but is also a girl! Crazy, right?"