Zooey Deschanel and Channing Tatum will host SNL in February

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In 2002, Zooey Deschanel was appearing as "Nora" in the DJ Qualls vehicle The New Guy, while slice o' beefhunk Channing Tatum was fresh off his first onscreen appearance in the 2000 Ricky Martin video, "She Bangs." Ten years later, the term "DJ Qualls vehicle" is a punchline in itself and "She Bangs" is best known as that song that Asian guy who may or may not have OD'd on horse sung on American Idol. However, Deschanel and Tatum have both reached the apex of the entertainment industry, booking hosting gigs on SNL this February.

Tatum, who will be seen this year in 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike, and the GI Joe sequel, will host February 4, alongside musical guest Bon Iver. Deschanel will take over hosting duties a week later on February 11, with musical guest Karmin (who I have never heard of, but I'm currently watching one of their music videos with the sound off, and they appear to be exceptionally good-looking Muppets).

So yay, this is… exciting. I think. Do we, like… have any sketch predictions or whatever? I'm sorry. I mean. I just can't get worked up over this. It's SNL. We know how this will turn out. They'll both do a fair-to-decent job with the material they have. ZD will sing at least twice (once with Abby Elliott doing her spot-on impression), CT will take his shirt off at least three times, and, barring a Stefon appearance, the number of laughs per episode will fall somewhere in between those estimates.

I'm sorry, that's unfair. Three times. Zooey will sing three times.