19-year-old arrested for hacking the C.I.A. did it for the lulz

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A nineteen-year-old man was arrested yesterday for allegedly making hacker attacks on Sony, the U.S Senate, the CIA, and, like, the man. Okay, not that last one, but it's pretty easy to imagine him saying that, because he's nineteen, and seemingly did it just for kicks.

The kid, Ryan Clearly, told investigators he's affiliated with the group LulzSec, short for Lulz Security. The hacker group claims responsibility for briefly taking the C.I.A. website offline and posting sarcastic comments about it, among much more internet tomfoolery. The organization accepts donations on their website, where they describe themselves as:

A small team of lulzy individuals who feel the drabness of the cyber community is a burden on what matters: fun. Considering fun is now restricted to Friday, where we look forward to the weekend, weekend, we have now taken it upon ourselves to spread fun, fun, fun, throughout the entire calender [sic] year.

Quoting Rebecca Black! Casual spelling errors! And fun, fun, fun! At least until you get arrested and none of your buddies back you up. The LulzSec Twitter account is saying that they have no affiliation with Clearly. The poor kid is on his own, staring at the cold, hard face of the law, IRL. Who's lulzing now?