8-year-old painting prodigy emulates Andy Warhol

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Autumn de Forest Crayola painting

Eight-year-old Autumn de Forest loves Andy Warhol, she says, because his paintings are "so simple and precise." Strangely enough, de Forest herself is pretty precise — so much so that she's able to hone her talents into strong works of art in their own right. Now de Forest is appearing on national television morning shows and making six figure sales on her exhibitions.

Her parents clearly have learned their lessons from My Kid Could Paint That and other art world exposes that tackled questionable meddling (and even fraud) in child paintings. From her website bio:

Autumn creates all works by herself, and, aside from prep and heavy lifting, canvases are never touched by anyone but her. There seems to be a creative gene in her DNA, as she is a fifth generation painter. Her family ties include a number of known and collected Twentieth Century painters, such as Roy De Forest (American), 1930-2007, Lockwood de Forest (American), 1850-1932 Luminist and California Plein Air Painter, and George de Forest Brush (American) 1855 – 1941. [via]

Autumn de Forest Andy Warhol painting

Anyone else get a little deja vu here? That the above painting looks like Mr. Brainwash doing Warhol? Think de Forest could be doing de Forest doing Brainwash doing Andy?

Autumn de Forest painting

Autumn de Forest at 7

By the way, she was apparently only seven-years-old when she finished the above painting.

Autumn de Forest Elvis painting