91-year-old superhero grandma becomes overnight internet sensation

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Mamikaq 15

Frederika Goldberg is photographer Sacha Goldberger's 91-year-old grandmother — and she's a superhero.

Sacha saw that his gram was caught in a downward spiral, brought in by having to attend too many funerals and feeling disconnected with life in general. (Side note: Frederika saved ten people during WWII by helping them hide out from the Nazis.) To cheer her up, he dressed Sacha up as an original superhero character and posed her for some hilarious but basically tossed-off photos. Then an art gallery and the internet came calling… and the project took off like the Flash.

Mamika 1

Mamika treadmill

Mamika brick wall grandmother superhero

Mamika superhero grandma

Mamika superhero and dog

If you're in Paris, you can see the photos in real life at a gallery between now and the end of November.