92 percent of American babies have an online presence

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It's official, and it's weird: over 92 percent of American toddlers under the age of two are online. They're not the ones necessarily uploading photos onto Facebook (though, within time). It's parents, family members, friends of the family, etc. that are doing the uploading. According to CNN,

New Zealand was a close second with 91 percent, followed by Canada and Australia with 84 percent. The study also covered the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Japan was the only country where less than half of 2-year-olds had an online presence.

The anti-viral software company AVG conducted the study, and found that the all the new information uploaded about their baby (birthdays, middle names) can make the parents, or even the child vulnerable to identity theft.

So if you're hell bent on being a progressive, forward-thinking parent, ask yourself if this will screw up your kid's chances of getting credit later on.