It's been an exciting few weeks for that "Shit ____ Says" meme. It all started in early December with the original "Shit Girls Say" video (eleven-million views and counting) and then, pretty much all at once, everyone on the internet started setting up a tripod, throwing on a wig or some other vaguely racist costume, and saying things to some nonexistent person that are easily relatable to large groups of people.

To date we have "Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls" (6 million views), "Shit Girls Say to Gay Guys" (4 million), "Shit No One Says" (4 million), "Shit Spanish Girls Say" (2 million), "Shit Asian Girls Say" (2 million), "Shit College Freshman Say" (250,000), "Shit Hipsters Say" (150,000), and another thousand or so that are either too horribly produced or unfunny to really pay attention to.

But none of those matter anymore. The Dowager Countess from the BBC's crossover hit Downton Abbey (as portrayed by the great Maggie Smith) doesn't give a shit about your memes or web hits or hints of racism. Just look at her disapproving glance up there. She's seen it all, and will speak her mind about it.

Hence the video that will stick this meme in the grave once and for all, "Shit the Dowager Countess Says":

Commentarium (3 Comments)

Jan 18 12 - 9:10pm

Viral marketing uncovered in 5...4...3...

Jan 18 12 - 11:02pm

It's the same role that she had in Gosford Park, but I think her put downs are more magnificent in that movie...

Jan 18 12 - 11:59pm
Hazards guldway

Godford Park >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Downton Abbey