This small woman may be the greatest shoplifter ever

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This woman deserves some sort of award for petty theft.

Whether it's a teenage girl shoving a cute top into her purse or a drunk guy who really wants some chips from the bodega, people shoplift. Fact. While it is a petty and childish crime, every now and again, you see a thief so talented, they almost deserve what they’ve taken.

Case in point: the young lady in the video below. This woman of seemingly small stature and strength stakes out a display full different beers, takes one last look, and proceeds to steal a case of beer. Of course that’s putting it lightly. She stealthily scoops up a 24-pack of Guinness bottles (that’s right, bottles), quickly slips the box under her long skirt and continues on without missing a beat. Given that twenty-four bottles of beer can be up to twenty pounds in weight, this woman must have the leg strength rivaled only by Jack La Lane.

While Nerve does not condone shoplifting, I sort of might: I applaud this woman, her incredible talent and her insatiable desire to drink beer by any means. Then again, why is she wasting her talent on petty theft? She should be out schooling hipster kickball leagues, pulling disabled buses, or at the very least cracking walnuts with the back of her knee.

Here’s to you, mysterious woman of incredible leg strength. May you and your Mary-Poppins like skirt continue to abscond with items deemed too heavy to ever be stolen. Kudos.