All lesbian bloggers are actually married men, apparently

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"Gay girl blogger" not actually a lesbian

Last week, we told you about the abduction of Amina Arraf, a lesbian writer in Syria responsible for the A Gay Girl in Damscus blog. Then we learned (and also told you, because we care about you) that Amina Arraf may not be a lesbian blogger in Syria but instead some woman in London named Jelena Lecic. Well, now we have more to tell you, and you may want to sit down for this. Yesterday, the Washington Post found out who exactly this Arraf character really is: Tom MacMaster, a forty-year-old married dude from Georgia (our Georgia, no less).

Pretty shitty, right? But wait, it gets shittier! Just today, the Post's Pulitzer-winning Fake Lesbian Desk also revealed that Paula Brooks — the lesbian editor of Lez Get Real, the ironically titled blog that first published "Amina Arraf" before A Gay Girl in Damasus became its own thing — is actually Bill Graber, a fifty-eight-year-old married man living in Ohio. Yikes!

In related news, Arianna Huffington is a retired mechanic from Dayton, Ohio; Julian Assange is a twenty-seven-year-old Jamaican lesbian working as a nurse in Queens; and is a thirteen-year-old girl in a computer lab at her middle school's library.