All of your Friendster memories will be erased by the end of May

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Clamshell iBooks.

We all knew it as coming, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. After spending years as an easy punch line for hilarious people who joke about dated new media, the digital ghost town known as Friendster is officially erasing all of its existing profile data on May 31. The company sent out emails to America's abandoned Hotmail addresses (haha) in an effort to warn anyone who might want to export information from the site before it's too late.

Do you have a favorite testimonial? Or an especially well-written, exhaustively researched blog post on why the Rapture will be the most important and enduring band of our time? Perhaps a photo album of you and your college boyfriend being cute while waiting in line for Finding Nemo? Or just a general nostalgia for a time when being on one social-media network was not only adequate but maybe even exciting? Then log on while you can, oldsters, because the early 2000s won't reminisce about itself.