AlmostontheL Twitter feed records the most outrageous Missed Connections on the L train

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We here at Nerve are very experienced with the highs and lows of Craigslist, that online marketplace where one can buy and sell used panties, find someone to help you get revenge sex, and try to connect with that attractive person you saw on the subway. The new Twitter feed almostontheL is particularly interested in a very specific subset of the third kind of ad: Missed Connections that happen on the L train. Not only is that line the most mentioned in MCs out of any other, but it services the hipster-filled enclave of Williamsburg, which makes for some ridiculous and hilarious ads.

The entire ad can't be reproduced on Twitter, of course, but the feed makes sure to save the choicest lines for our perusal. There are the groan-inducing, are-you-sure-these-aren't-plants stereotypical kind:

And the ironically self-knowing kind:

And then, of course, the weird kind:

(Which: has there ever been so romantic a Craiglist Missed Connection? I certainly doubt it.) So if you don't want to bother trolling through CL every day to catch these little joyous bits of fluff, go ahead and follow almostontheL.

Via Buzzfeed.