An inevitable fake Twitter feed: Adele’s Ex BF

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Ever have one of those friends who spend an inordinate amount of time talking about how difficult the relationship they're in is? Just constant mentions of thinking about ending it, or how they're not just right each other, or what a jerk the other's being? And with every negative mention, you're building this wretched opinion of their boy- or girlfriend, to the point where you come to loathe them and can't understand why your friend is so dumb?

What's missing in these scenarios is a sense of proportion. No doubt, there have to be positive elements of the relationship if they're together at all. But your friend is doing you a disservice by not giving those as much weight as the negatives, affecting how you see them. When dealing with affairs of the heart, to get every side of the story, you need some of the good with the bad.

So while a chart-topping breakup album like Adele's 21 gives us one side of the story — the side where the ex-boyfriend was terrible and she was left a heartbroken shadow of herself — it's only fair to give the ex-boyfriend in question a chance to rebut her charges. Enter: the Twitter feed of Adele's Ex BF. Its observations that will make you second-guess his callousness. For example:


Now, of course, the feed's obviously not the work of Adele's actual ex-boyfriend — who is presumably still being a jerk and trying to research legal maneuvers to get royalties from Adele's album. It's just a parody feed, and a decently written one at that. But it does raise a question: how important is it to actually hear Adele's real ex-boyfriend's side of the story?