Anonymous hacks Syria’s Ministry of Defense website

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In the wake of military assaults on the Syrian people ordered by reigning President (some would say despot) Bashar al-Assad, hacker group "Anonymous" has struck again. This time they've defaced Syria's Ministry of Defense website, posting images of injured Syrians and addressing the Syrian people. In part, their message reads:

To the Syrian people: The world stands with you against the brutal regime of Bashar Al-Assad. Know that time and history are on your side – tyrants use violence because they have nothing else, and the more violent they are, the more fragile they become. We salute your determination to be non-violent in the face of the regime's brutality, and admire your willingness to pursue justice, not mere revenge. All tyrants will fall, and thanks to your bravery Bashar Al-Assad is next.

The government waged an assault Sunday on Deir al-Zour, a city in Eastern Syria that has long resisted complete control by the reigning regime. This comes on the heels of last weeks attack on the city of Hama. Some human rights organizations estimate that over 2,000 people have been killed so far in the attacks, and thousands more have been displaced.

Anonymous hacktivists were also active during the recent Egyptian revolution, attacking Egyptian websites during the January protests. Acts of digital defacement is essentially politically charged graffiti, but with the capacity to reach millions of viewers. While I"m unsure what effect this latest hack will be, at least the sensationalism of the act will undoubtedly draw more media attention to the Syrian government's misdeeds.