Apple store worker inadvertently taps his own phone for a customer

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So here's how it all went down. A woman takes her son's broken iPhone to the Apple store. She gets the phone back and starts receiving incoming and outgoing texts from another person — actually, an employee from the very same Apple store. 

Soon, the iPhone becomes a portal into the man's life and everything he talks about becomes hilariously available to the masses. So, naturally, everybody rolls with it and watches. Through this unintentional wiretap, they learn about the man's Facebook, his personal e-mail address, information about his friends, where he exercises, and the Apple store where he works.  

Oh right, and he's got a bit of a leg fetish:

"You should come over and let me kiss your calfs [sic]." (Spoiler alert: the person he's texting says says "Lol no".)

So how did this whole thing happen? Probably because the fella swapped his SIM card with the customer's during the repair. Does that mean iPhones aren't as secure as we thought? Well, yeah.

Regardless of the fact that we divulge the most private of information to the masses via Twitter, FourSquare, and Facebook, it's still incredibly creepy-slash-hilarious that these type of errors exist. I believe it was Rich Uncle Spiderman who said, "With great power, comes great responsibility."

Don't forget that when you're holding a miniature computer in your hands. The outstanding technological future is upon us, and if you don't take a moment to realize the gravity of that, you could have a whole nation of people reading texts like THIS:

"I'm usually a stonewall not a flood of tears. You open me up in all ways #Goodthings #GoodTimes #ThingsToBe #ThingsToCome"

Always be wary of what have at your fingertips. Chances are, you'll never really know how secure your information is. On that note, if overusing hash-tags is the way to a woman's heart, #then #count #me #in #because #I'm #desperate.