Artist creates digitally randomized tattoo

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There is so much I should hate about this. 

In fact, self-admitted curmudgeon that I am, let us all count the ways: (1) An artist sticks what is, in essence, a novelty tattoo on his body, nothing more than a digital tier up from those terrible Daffy Duck or "I'm with Stupid" tattoos people get that they think are so clever; (2) It's of one of those horrible eye-sore square scan thingies that're blanketed over every single ad in every single magazine; meaning (3) it can only be read by a smartphone, which I take as a personal attack, seeing as I'm one of the approximately 387 remaining people left in the world without one. (Shut up! It's a choice! To not make enough money to afford one!) All that said, somehow, so-help-me-god, I kind of like this.

Basically the tattoo works like so: Every time you scan the inked-on QR code into a phone, it takes you to a program that randomizes photos and videos on the Internet, throws a new one up on your screen, and allows the tat-viewer to see something different every time. If that precise-and-amazing description of how it works made no sense, here it is in wordless video-form: