Artist proposes to his girlfriend through epic webcomic

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Leigh Gallagher

Freelance artist Leigh Gallagher has one-upped all the creative and spectacular marriage proposals of late with his own plea: an epic and beautiful webcomic. The author of the "Comic Book Artist" blog wanted to thank his girlfriend of six years for understanding and cultivating his art, and so he did the only thing he knows how to do well…

Leigh Gallagher marriage proposal

He chronicled their relationship, from a first-encounter at speed dating, through a really awkward first date that should have meant the end of it, and through six years of his goofy costumes and her morning peppiness. And he did so in a way that is so goddamned good. That's really the only way to say it.

I won't waste any more of your time with my words — go directly to the comic, read it and report back.

Leigh Gallagher proposal

So… during which panel was it that you first found tears in your eyes?

By the way, she said yes. "OF COURSE SHE SAID YES!!! Did you not see me in the comic?! I'm dreamy!"