Australian police take on “planking,” the strangest social media trend ever

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Have you ever heard of "planking," the new craze that is sweeping across Australia maybe? It's straightforward, really: first, find an object. Then, lie face down on said object. Have someone take a picture of you while lying on said object, post it to Facebook, and bam! You've planked, and definitely haven't wasted your time. I wrote "maybe" before because I'm generally distrustful of news stories about "crazes" that "sweep," but the "Planking Australia" page does have over 15,000 likes, and even two people doing this activity in their spare time would be weird enough, so I'll go with it.

But all is not well for our Australian planking friends! Because now the police are turning their attention toward this toothless and odd little activity after someone posted a picture of himself planking (planking on?) a police car. Now he's getting charged with "being found on police establishment without lawful excuse." Here's what one officer had to say about the force's concern:

"While we appreciate the activity is light-hearted fun, putting yourself and others at risk and breaking the law will not be tolerated," he told the Courier Mail newspaper.

"The activity is potentially dangerous, as proponents of the movement try to outdo each other by planking on structures and in precarious positions, putting themselves and others at risk of harm."

I mean… sure? It wouldn't be cool if someone were to die while planking, obviously. But is this really the type of crime you can catch in the act? I'm just not really sure of what the police are hoping to do here, especially considering that planking, frankly, is pretty stupid. But I guess it is a handy excuse to troll Facebook all day and say you're just doing your job. Good use of time all around, Australians!