Tea Party behind-the-scenes video is unintentionally hilarious

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Boys fishing shirtless

This bizarre video of behind-the-scenes "grassroots" efforts by the Tea Party is going viral today, mostly thanks to Mother Jones and Twitter. In other words: those who don't like the Tea Party, don't know what the Tea Party is or who have no intention of voting are all laughing hysterically at this silliness.

The opening minute features slow-motion video of old men who fly planes and it's about as "cool" as Dick Cheney dancing. Goose is rolling over in his grave at the use of the Top Gun theme song — ouch.

Fun games you can play while watching this nine-minute masterpiece: 1) Spot anyone under 40; 2) Spot any Hispanics; 3) Spot the two shirtless boys on the fishing pier… he-llo homoeroticism!

Oddly enough, the video interviews with the regular folks making up the movement make these people look halfway normal… but as someone who has been on the ground at rallies listening to their speeches and eavesdropping on their conversations, I can safely say they are not very representative as the Tea Party as a whole.

The guy who thinks he's going to catch or prevent someone from "bringing in a box of absentee ballots"? That's the kind of guy I'm talking about. Where was this guy when the Diebold CEO said "I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president [George W. Bush] next year''? I take it he only found out about voter fraud from that fake video some jerk made about ACORN.