Sarah Palin demystified by a phrenology chart of her skull

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Dear reader, being the fine and educated citizen that you are, I'm certain you're familiar with the venerable art of phrenology. But just in case — it's a precursor to neurology which posited that mental conditions and characteristics can be diagnosed by the shape of the skull. And it's a great way to make fun of conservative politicians. 

Now, phrenology, of course, is hogwash — claptrap, mumbo jumbo if you will — and utterly discredited by the modern scientific establishment. And that makes it a very fitting treatment for Sarah Palin — enemy number one of science and book-learnin' the world over.  

Ben Greenman, author, New Yorker editor, Nerve interviewee, and apparent phrenology expert applied the archaic art to Sarah Palin's skull. This is what we get: 

Sarah Palin phrenology chart

Here we can clearly see that the part of her brain that ponders grammatical questions is bigger than the part that hates Levi Johnston, which is surprising. Also, her "You Betcha" lobe seems almost pathologically inflamed. She should probably see someone for that. A private, very expensive medical doctor.