Bob Odenkirk makes a local ad for the new Black Keys album

Bob Odenkirk sells us on a fully loaded Black Keys album

Much to the internet's delight, Bob Odenkirk has taken all the slimy charm of Breaking Bad's Saul Goodman and is using it to sell you an El Camino

No, not that car/truck your dad used to tool around in — It's the latest album from The Black Keys. Funny Or Die got together with the Mr. Show star to produce a fake local ad for the bluesy rock duo.

Aside from his long-standing contributions to sketch comedy, Odenkirk has recently directed, produced, and starred in Regal Productions, a live-action pilot about a production house for low-budget wedding videos, infomercials and TV spots. Hopefully, we can expect to see it on Adult Swim sometime soon.

The Black Keys new album drops on December 6th.

Commentarium (7 Comments)

Oct 12 11 - 8:19pm

I had no idea they had a new album. So excited

Oct 13 11 - 2:09am

aw man thats great! awesome

Nov 20 11 - 3:22pm

This is an article that makes you think “never thohgut of that!”

Nov 21 11 - 2:09pm

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Nov 24 11 - 1:34pm

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