British scientist develops a way to transmit “cyber-hugs” online

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Nothing says affection like a disembodied hug. At least that's what professor Adrain Cheok believes. Cheok has created a system to transmit hugs across the Internet, other than adding xs to the end of an email. When a parent is away from their child they can hug a tricked out teddy bear, who's sensors pick up on the hug and pass it along to the child via a jacket outfitted with heated cooper wires. 

This squeeze by proxy system has already existed in the hug shirt. This piece of loving apparel features sensors and a bluetooth device that works with your phone. So when you want to show your out of state friend some love, just give yourself a bear hug, and after bouncing from your shirt to their phone to their shirt they'll be reminded just how much you care ( just how much, the sensors don't send a generic hug but one based on the sender's "strength of the touch, the skin warmth and the heartbeat rate." so don't send one to your closet crush)

For those who favor an I_Robot AI take-over view of the future, another hug simulator was unveiled last year called  iFeel_Im. Not only will this recreate an embrace it is "90 per cent accurate at detecting joy, fear, anger and sadness." That's one perceptive robot. These hug machines have a lot of potential to help long distance relationships and scattered families. And to scare the hell out of your hung over brother who forgot to take off his hug shirt before falling asleep.