Can Uma Thurman’s sexuality sell you on Schweppes tonic water?

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"Sex sells" may be a classic advertising maxim, but Don Draper is no fan of it and at the moment, neither am I. That's because I just watched this new commercial for Schweppes featuring Uma Thurman as… a vaguely randy Uma Thurman who is just super into carbonated drinks, specifically those made by the fine folks at Schweppes. (Schweppes! Bringing you the tastiest of ginger ales since 1893.) I guess the joke is that Schweppes sounds like "sex," and the reporter is foreign-ish, and maybe they're going to do it? But actually she just loves fizzy drinks? I don't know why this commercial is so high-concept and confusing, Schweppes practically sells itself! (This post is sponsored by Schweppes.)

So, does Uma's breathy voice and seductive pose make you long for a swig of club soda? Or did you just cringe throughout, like I did? Anyway, I don't know about you, but all this awkwardness is making me thirsty. Who wants some Dry Grape Ginger Ale?