Canadian couple crowdsources Facebook to name their baby

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Facebook baby

A Toronto couple couldn't figure out what to name their baby girl, so they turned to — of all things — Facebook.

Robert and Rommy Alpinelli are about to become parents to a little girl, who will likely grow up to ask: "The fuck is a facebook?" Nonetheless, the couple plowed through 1,300 possibilities to determine the destiny of their first kid.

I would've thought the name would end up being something like Zuck or Screech or 4Channing, but Rob and Rom don't seem that foolish:

More than 1300 names have been submitted to Facebook, with Aria and Melania currently battling for the lead. The expectant parents have settled on a middle name of Loren, but they would change it if Sophia winds up being the winning name. [The CW – Austin]

Before you get all weepy-eyed, you should know this is probably just a big stunt for some deal site and these people may be a bit suspicious. Or it could be some charity thing. Either way… it's a strange thing, for sure.