Canadian lingerie models serenade YouTube with Christmas carols

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Lingerie models sing Christmas carols

Christian feminists (this is a thing now? maybe I just made it up) are furious that a Canadian lingerie company is using scantily-clad models for Christmas caroling on YouTube. The company is La Senza and the musical group is the Cup Size Choir (yikes).

Labeled A-G(!), the high notes are based on the model's cup size. Don't expect any real-life Mariah Careys on here: The models got some serious help hitting the right note. The real goal is to show off the lingerie, which happens every time you press a key, and the model sings as she sinks into her plush, velvety bed. [Asylum]

Can't imagine how that would upset diehard Christmas fans…

Best YouTube comment on either of these videos: "How does one get E flat?"