Capitol Words lets you see how Congress talks

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Capitol Words is a website run by the Sunlight Foundation that lets you search the Congressional Record for specific phrases and words going back to 1996. It's surprisingly interesting if you're the kind of nerd (or log-cabin paranoid) that's interested in finding out what it actually is that Congress is talking about when they're purportedly "doing stuff."

Some things I learned from tooling around on Capitol Words:

  • Use of "sexy" peaked in 1998, which is odd, because 1999 was a much sexier year and album.
  • Democrats say both "war" and "peace" more than Republicans.
  • Three different Republicans have used "Metallica" as a reference point
  • The use of "socialism" peaked in February of 1998, perhaps due to the release of Lennon Legend: The Best of John Lennon.
  • Republicans use "evil" more than Democrats, perhaps unsurprisingly.

So there you have it. Head over to Capitol Words and do some searching of your own. Perhaps you'll discover a vast, party-spanning conspiracy the likes of which the sheeple who populate this mess of a nation have never seen! Or maybe you'll just giggle searching "boobs."